My 2013 March for Life Experience

I want to share my experience that started at 6 PM on 1/24/2013 and ended at 6 AM on 1/26/2013. In just 36 hours, I traveled on a bus from Trenton, Michigan to Washington DC, spent 12 hours in DC, and then returned to Trenton, Michigan. This was an adventure that I experienced with my 15 year old daughter and her classmates.
This experience began around 6 PM Thursday evening when we both boarded a bus headed for DC. We arrived near DC at the university of Maryland around 6 AM Friday morning for a rally and a Catholic mass. We were one of the first arrivals and we were seated in a near empty stadium. This stadium began filling up with youths from all over the united states. A very inspirational band began to play and a very inspirational youth director would provide words of inspiration between songs. I witnessed thousands of joyful youths praising and honoring God through there gestures,their clapping, and singing. When the mass Began, I saw a procession of Arch Bishops, Bishops, and hundreds of priests from all over the nation fill the arena to give worship to our God. Communion would be provided to every youth in the stadium and my daughter and I would receive communion from an Arch Bishop. Seeing all these Men of God reach out to every soul was like witnessing God’s army on Earth. I tell you I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life many times. This was one of the strongest feelings. It was overwhelming. After the mass, we boarded a train to take us to the Washington monument for the rally and the march.
The thousands of youths now became mingled with hundreds of thousands of people. We listened to some of the most heartfelt speeches and saw people breaking down in tears as they shared their testimonies. I then witnessed hundreds of thousands of people become organized into a very large procession to begin the march on to the Supreme Court. I saw so many different faiths all praying out loud in their own special ways. I got the sense of feeling that they had thoroughly prepared themselves for this moment and each group was working like a unit in prayer. I
After the rally, we had just a few hours to visit some museums and then we boarded the bus for home around 630 PM. This was an amazing experience that I recommend for all Christian families to experience at least once.

May God Bless you always and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


About mikeloria

I am an Orthodox Christian, married with children. I teach Sunday School for grades 9th through 12th. I am also the adult adviser for our church youth group.
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